SAIT was  founded in 1950 by The Cimmino Family. At that time the company core activity was the application of Thermo-Acoustical Insulation on piping, components and deck flooring in shipbuilding.  Thanks to the good performances, the Company quickly grew up consolidating its presence also in industrial field. It took part to the construction of Enel Power Plants in Naples, Bari, and Castelluccio Inferiore by performing insulation work on piping and components. Since than SAIT became one of the main providers of complete insulation solutions.


During the ‘60s and ‘70s
SAIT participated at the construction of the following industrial plants: Alfa Romeo in Pomigliano; Montefibre in Acerra; Sidalm (ex Alemagna) in Caivano; Pirelli in Arco Felice; Italsider in Bagnoli.  In these sites SAIT performed commissioning and maintenance services there for over ten years.

In Marine field SAIT carried out maintenance services for the largest Italian Ship-owners such as Società Italia di Navigazione, Società Adriatica di Navigazione, Tirrenia SpA, and Italcantieri shipbuilders. This close partnership with Ship-owners and Shipyards enabled SAIT  to become one of the main contractors of the US Naval Mediterranean Force Headquarter in Naples, carrying out asbestos abatement (this activity started in the 80’s)  and insulation maintenance services for the Sixth Fleet. SAIT worked on board of their aircraft carriers such as USS KENNEDY, USS EISENHOWER, USS NIMITZ.


In the ‘80s
SAIT became one of the leading companies in Italy for thermal and acoustical insulation. Some of its main clients in industrial and marine Plants are: Enel, Ansaldo, Abb, Enichem, Alfa Avio,  Gruppo Lepetit, Fincantieri, Us Navy.
While keeping its focus firmly, SAIT started diversifying its activities toward industrial asbestos abatement services - that included asbestos removal and encapsulation -  in testing, monitoring and also in emergency.  The Company was a pioneer in Italy making references to the US regulations and know-how of USA that  was the Country leader in this field.

SAIT strengthened its presence in Puglia by opening a local branch and becoming one of the main contractors of ENEL SPA.

It took part to the start-up of the conversion from oil to coal of the power plant ENEL BRINDISI NORD and to construction of the new coal power plant ENEL BRINDISI SUD CERANO which is one of the Italian largest and most advanced power plant. It also provided integrated services to the petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants all over that region.

In the 90’s SAIT has a key role in the field of insulating services and asbestos abatement. It had taken part to the  asbestos abatement  project of the dismissed industrial sites in the Flegrea area such as the ETERNIT manufacturing plant in Bagnoli and Q8 Refinery in Naples.