SAIT Ltd. thinks that operational excellence and top performance may only be achieved by adopting socially responsible behaviour, in accordance with moral values associated with the protection of environment, health and safety of workers, and with the satisfaction of customers or other interested parties. SAIT Ltd. is committed to enforcing, maintaining active and continuously improving a management system for ensuring safety and health at the workplace, with the aim of allowing the company to: strictly meet, with no exceptions or derogations, all regulations and legislative requirements concerning its own activity, also including any specific requirements by other authorized third parties (Customers, Surveillance Authorities, Local Authorities, etc.); assess any risks to the health or safety of workers related to the work activities performed, and put in place the necessary preventive, protective measures by following criteria which favour the elimination or reduction of the sources generating hazards and risks; establish appropriate staff information, education and training programmes in matters of health and safety at the workplace, and assess the learning process. - analyse the critical events, such as unoccurred accidents, work-related injuries., occupational diseases and complaints by directly acting on the elimination of the causes of accidents;  maintaining active both internal and external information channels related to the issues of health and safety at the workplace, and aimed at encouraging staff involvement at all hierarchical levels; consistently assess, through a system of planned and documented internal audits, workplace checks and inspections, and see whether such activities are properly conducted and improved over time; plan, design, implement and assess one or more programmes in matters of health and safety at the workplace to continuously improve its management system and performance by establishing feasible objectives and targets;- ask contractors and suppliers to support the general principles of the policies on health and safety at work, and active cooperation with them. SAIT Ltd. is also committed to promoting the active involvement of all its staff for the proper functioning of its own health and safety management system, and for reaching the objectives and targets set; this way health and safety activities are not seen as isolated but rather as fully integrated processes.