SAIT operates over warships, cruise ships, merchant vessels, cable ships, recreational craft and small and big-sized luxury yachts during both the construction and after-sale phases. It installs thermal, acoustic and firewall insulations over bulkheads and decks; it installs thermal, acoustic and anti-condensation insulations over pipes and equipment. These two activities differ both in products and application methods. The materials used on board shall also be accompanied by certificates issued by the appropriate classification societies, and complying with international standards (SOLAS – IMO – FPT Code, MCA, LY2, MED). It is critically important, for fire insulations in particular, to run the application by following the specific test reports, which establish the exact procedure for assembling the insulation and its fixing system. onali (SOLAS, IMO, FPT Code, MCA, LY2, MED).Insulation over bulkheads and decks is installed by making use of products which are kept in place by carburizing wrought iron hooks or by aluminum/galvanized iron bicomponent hooks, previously welded to the hull structure and fixed by holding washers. Welded hooks may be used for thermal and acoustic insulations. The insulations described above are required to be covered with glass cloth or a light wired aluminum foil as the final coating.